Getting older, I don't know what to believe now, it's getting more complicated. I'm frgin stucked with this family problemz and misunderstandings. This sht is affecting my path for my future.
Something to remember:
Did a quick little doodle from a Pinterest photo while waiting for it to be time for my next class .^.
Idk whats wrong with me today, Im feeling overwhelmed over little things and nearly tearing up and getting mad at my little sisters
I just saw a video of my cat that died this year and now I cant stop crying why did he have to leave so soon, it was his 2nd birthday
Im supposed to be doing math
That ONE single mistake.... I FELT SO DUMB HAHAHAH Pinili ko na sana entertain eh. pinalitan ko paa
Looking at the mirror you don't like what you see A person in front of you is the one you don't like to be But you have to accept it Life isn't perfect smile n be proud I am me, saying loud Focus on what you can do and bring the best of you
Music keeps my sanity. Can't imagine what could have happened if I don't have this.
I'm making something I didn't even know what to call. I failed like 3 times and now it somehow worked. But I think I need to rewire the wirings properly. lol
I HATE THE TOPIC GIVEN FOR OUR DEBATE What will you choose??: °Mahal ka pero di mo mahal Or °Mahal mo pero di ka mahal DAMI NYONG MAGJOWA KAYO NALANG BETTER NOT JOIN EVEN IT'S FOR 5 PTS.
A boring person, not good in having conversation with someone. Ths thought... well I tried to be, but no.. It's hard for me. I want to let them know I rlly care but fk I dnt know how to say it. that's hw I lost potential friends in Highschl